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Full Moon June 5 Strawberry Moon

June 04, 2020

Full Moon June 5 Strawberry Moon

The Strawberry Moon will rise on June 5, as the new lunar cycle begins in June. This month's Full Moon is known as the Strawberry Moon, originally called the Rose Moon in Europe. Astrologers believe that the Strawberry Moon is a time for healing and letting go of your workload.

With 2020 being a particularly stressful year,  the Strawberry Moon is a time to regroup.

 June Full Moon is about enjoying the fruits of your labor, related with the Sun celebration.

While you toiled in strife to plant seeds of success in the spring, summer is here and you get to indulge.

The Moon Symbol in our culture is the protector and guardian of the earth. Its spirit watches over us and can change our moods.