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Palo Santo sticks Natural Incense

Healing Forest

Biodegradable Bag contains :                                

- 4 Palo Santo sticks (  Natural incense )

When burned Palo Santo gives off a warming nurturing cent with a hint of wonderful citrus aroma and a mix of woods.

It’s soft aroma brings peace and calm energy, the wood itself carries a high frequency that benefits us physically, mentally and spiritually.

Just beautiful for any place, naturally contains d-limonene, when the smoke goes up to your brain d-limonene relax your body and your mind. 

Sustainable packing: Clear Bio-degradable Corn/potato Starch and recycled paper.

100% Sustainable & Organic

Our Palo Santo comes from a tree species native to the tropical dry forest of Ecuador, our homeland. Its has its own cycle with nature to only produce its magnificent aroma, years after it has died naturally, resulting with the properties of an amazing natural healing. Ancient wisdom that we  are using by the time of our ancestors. When you buying our Palo Santo products, you are helping to maintain protection of the dry-tropical forest in Ecuador, and we are part of the  reforestation program in Puerto Lopez that supports many families in the local communities. 


    Type: organic

    Vendor: Healing Forest

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