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Healing Wood Palo Santo

Palo Santo - Healing wood

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Our Palo santo is 100% sustainable & Organic

Tree grows for about 40 years and then dies. Then, it has to lay down for about 10 more years before we can process it. Palo Santo is obtained from the wood after the natural death of the tree, or from pieces found on the ground. To retain its special properties, the dead tree must lay on the ground for years before recollecting the wood.

The process of producing oil will begin after the tree has been on the ground for some time. The oil will develop gradually in the trunk and the longer the tree remains on the ground, the higher the quality of essential oil that it will contain.  As the wood matures, after the tree has died, chemical changes occur which make it a very powerful oil.

Steam distillation, this type of distillation does not use any kind of chemical solvents, that is, the essential oil of Palo Santo is 100% natural. Distilling the dry wood of the Palo Santo with the method through the steam current, you get to get an essential oil of the yellow-gold colour, that emanates an intense fresh citrus aroma.  

The oil has been used for many years. The Incas used it as a remedy for spiritual cleansing and purifying. The Shamans used it in ceremonies, clear bad energy and to cure various diseases. Palo Santo essential oil is significantly anti-bacterial and anti-viral. With such a high limonene content that is not found in other trees. Palo Santo is helpful in cases of skin infection and acne.

Remember that only branches and trees of palo santo that have died naturally should be pick up. Having at least 2-4 years at rest after his death to take advantage of their properties.