Healing Forest HF - Eco-Friendly - Organic & Sustainable

Tree of life Turquoise

Healing Forest

All our Tagua Totem collection pendants are unique in many ways:

The shape of the pendant is hand-crafted, so you will never find another with the exact same shape.

The smoothness makes it unique and it is very light so it will never be heavy on your chest.

Pendant dimensions :  H 1.5 inch x W 1.2 inch 

Please choose a length of cord.

Packaging includes :The pendant a cotton cord packed in a sustainable cotton bag with logo and pendant information card.

Do not take your pendant into the shower or a swimming pool. Water will not destroy the Tagua , but it will corrode the design copper and can possibly cause the pendant itself to warp or crack, if submerged for long enough.

Hand-made & Sustainable 

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